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Disability Research & Consultancy

Are you looking for a company offering quality and reliable services to enable your organization/institution better include persons with disabilities, towards realizing disability inclusion? Ulemavu Research Institute, your first disability research and consultancy firm in Kenya is your trustworthy partner in service. We offer quality, affordable and reliable services in the areas of disability research, disability consultancy, disability accessibility audits, disability mainstreaming training, inclusive education, scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities, legal services for persons with disabilities and disability employment.

Disability Mainstreaming

At URI our team of dedicated professionals endeavour to provide quality disability mainstreaming training to organizations, drawing from in-depth, top-notch and evidence-based knowledge in a range of issues around disability. With our belief in the rights-based approach as outlined in the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The end goal for our team is realizing disability inclusion through continued training in disability mainstreaming to both public and the private sector. We are committed to contribute towards raising awareness on disability rights among service providers, policy makers, institution managers, rights-advocates, social workers, civil servants, researchers, professionals and the society at large.

Disability mainstreaming policy:

The Ulemavu Research Institute (URI) is uniquely placed to help public and private institutions formulate comprehensive disability mainstreaming policies, aimed at catering for the needs of persons with disabilities who are beneficiaries of their services. Our experts have experience drafting disability mainstreaming policies for local and national institutions serving thousands of clients. Such disability policies have since been validated by other experts. This has given the URI a great reputation in the industry, guaranteeing us excellent referrals. As a matter of consistent practice, we help our clients fully involve persons with disabilities in all stages of policy development, right from the design, formulation, validation, implementation and evaluation for better results. We remain committed to sharpening our skillsets and better equipping our pool of experts for better service delivery.

Disability Audits

The Ulemavu Research Institute conducts disability audits to assess the extent to which institutions have complied with existing disability laws and policies. We then provide such institutions with comprehensive reports with recommendations on how to improve their situations. Besides, we provide a database of information in accessible formats, for public and private institutions to learn about the existing disability policies, thus increasing their disability awareness.

Disability Accessibility Audits:

Are you looking for a consultant to help address disability accessibility concerns at your organization/institution? At URI, we place high premium on disability accessibility, knowing it remains a priority in all disability policies, both domestic and international. Our specialists who are well versed in their arears of expertise, remain committed to help identify potential accessibility matters and advise our clients on their legal obligations. They'll assess their present situation, give them practical advice and show them the steps they need to take to overcome disability accessibility issues in their institutions/workplace. We enable them become exemplary case studies for other institutions to benchmark on successes in the field.

Conducting Trainings on Sustainable Livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities

The URI generates and imparts/shares up-to-date knowledge aimed at enabling persons with disabilities secure decent and sustainable livelihoods. This in turn helps to guarantee persons with disabilities dignity, respect and independent living, as enshrined in both national and international law.

Disability Inclusive Education

Education to us, is the equalizer of opportunities for all humanity. Hence, we remain passionate at fostering inclusive education by way of training our clients in quality standards, strategies, practices and measures of attaining inclusive education for all, including learners with disabilities. We help them identify existing barriers, be they physical, attitudinal and institutional, and recommend suitable strategies to remove them. We continually churn out publications aimed at realizing this resolve. Additionally, we train our clients in emerging conceptual frameworks and theoretical perspectives in the arena of inclusive education and contribute towards the pushing of boundaries in achieving the same. We posit that disability education, is the cornerstone right which enables persons with disabilities to achieve all other human rights.

Braille transcription services

Access to information is key to the empowerment of persons who are blind. At URI, we convert almost all documents in to braille. We aim to provide efficient, quality and affordable braille transcription services, to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. You need it in braille, URI is at your service!

Disability Legal Services

URI’s Legal Services are currently provided to persons with disabilities through the receipt and processing of complaints during which complainants are offered appropriate legal advice. URI conducts litigation in appropriate cases involving the interpretation of the Bill of Rights. URI takes up cases that are either of broad public interest or that would have a significant impact on the legal discourse of disability rights in Kenya. The case should also have a strategic goal such as setting up legal precedents, highlight a discriminatory position in the law or one that would lend weight to legal reforms. In this regard, URI participates in Public Interest Litigation either as amicus curiae (friend of court) or as a Petitioner under article 22 of the Constitution. URI also participates in on-going litigation initiated by other parties as an Interested Party