About Us

Who we are

Ulemavu is a Swahili word which means Disability. Ulemavu Research Institute is a disability research and consultancy firm which work to fully integrate people with diabilities into the communities around them and ensuring their human rights are fully respected, protected and fulfilled. Key areas of focus and expertise: disability research, conducting accessibility audits, formulation of documents such as: disability mainstreaming policies, strategic plans, white papers, reports, articles; conducting job recruitment for companies/institutions seeking to hire persons with disabilities, conducting training in disability mainstreaming, Providing strategic advice in disability mainstreaming/inclusion. Partners: We collaborate with organizations throughout Kenya and beyond—from financial institutions and employers to government and disabled people’s organizations, for better service delivery.

Our Goals

To create a rapid expansion of high impact interdisciplinary projects

Develop sustainable local and global partnerships

Generate an uplift in high-quality disability research

To provide evidence-based expertise and advice

The inclusion of people with disability as experts, teachers and researchers.

Board of Directors

Samuel Odawo


Ati Louis


Margaret Njiru



To be a top-notch premier company of choice, in the arena of disability research and consultancy.


To research, disseminate and impart indepth and evidence-based knowledge, in the multi-faceted field of disability.